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Stay updated with the latest motorsport news, racing results, and driver standings. Our news covers MotoGP, NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar and a whole lot of other available driving categories. We will provide you with the most recent and breaking news headlines, we also give daily updates about the latest events and trends that relate to motorsport.

Some of the latest motorsport news headlines are

  • Motorsport Hall of Fame 2019: Racing greats honored
  • Porsche reveals just how close it came to entering F1
  • Global water-cooled Motors Market 2019 – CAMIS
  • Did the 2010s deliver Bathurst 1000s ever?
  • Motorsport Market Latest Trends and Huge Growth
  • MPH: Renault reshuffle – F1 team’s latest plan to get on a song
  • Motorsport Market Latest Trend with Top key Players
  • The year Leclerc fully revealed his star status
  • Christmas at Casa Marquez

These and many more updates are continually brought to you to give you a heads up on what is happening in the motorsport’s world including professional motorcycle racing competitions.

Professional Motorcycle Racing Competitions

Since the invention of motorcycle, one of the most useful ways it has been used apart from using it for the purpose of transportation is for racing events and competitions. Today, there are several professional motorcycle racing competitions that draw several racers from different parts of the world including fans and loves of the two-wheeled sports. This is mainly because of the fun-filled experience derived from these competitions. Professional motorcycle racing competitions are usually held in different parts of the world.

Some of the professional motorcycle racing competitions include:

  1. Erzbergrodeo
  2. Bonneville Speed Week
  3. Hangtown Classic
  4. Weston Beach Race
  5. Enduropale du Touquet

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Guide for Motorcycling Gear

There are different types of motorcycling gear and it is important to always choose the right gear because it helps in protecting against rain, noise, sun, debris, and wind. The gear also offers protection in cases of an accident or an unexpected crash. The different types of motorcycling gear include:

  1. Helmets: This offers protection mainly to the head, face, and chin in case of an accident and also helps in protecting the eyes from wind and particles in the air such as dust, insects and pollen. When buying a helmet, always avoid buying a used helmet.
  2. Jackets: They are usually made of leather and other textile material. Some of these materials also include a water-resistant membrane. Some of them are so strong that they can resist abrasion.
  3. Pants: Pants used for motorcycling are made from Cordura which is strong and can resist abrasion. Cotton is not used because it’s not good abrasion-resistant material.
  4. Gloves: They are used to protect the hand because the hands are very fragile.

There are many other gears for motorcycling, these are the boots, suits, wrap up, and armor.

Types of Bikes

In need of a new bike? There are different types of bikes and these are:

  • Road Bikes: This is a lightweight bike with a narrow tire which is good for recreational pavement riding
  • Mountain Bikes: This bike has a rugged machine and knobby tires making it suitable for riding through narrow dirt trails.
  • Gravel/Adventure Bikes: This is a drop-bar bike that can be used for both on- and off-road riding experience.
  • Utility Bikes: This bike is mainly used for errands.

Other types of bikes include fat bikes, comfort/fitness bikes, street, desert, off road, e-bikes, triathlon bikes, tandem bikes, park bikes, and kids’ bikes amongst others.

Racing Video Games

Sports betting and making real money are not the only way to benefit and experience the fun in motorcycling racing. Racing video games is another way and you can enjoy this through the different available slots games. An example of these slots games is the Easy Rider online slot. You can play this game for free or for real money in online casinos.

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