New Rules from January 18th 2013

3rd European Directive on Driving Licences Comes into affect 19th January 2013The 3rd Directive mandates staged access to motorcycle riding amongst other things.
Primarily, learners will have to pass a practical and theory test to get on a bike and will be restricted to certain categories until either training or testing has been completed.
Direct access will be available, only the age limit will be raised from 21 to 24 years.

Link through to YOUtube video of new test

List of motorcycles for Practical motorcycle test  link

Category AM


50cc 2,3 or 4 wheel vehicles
Above 25kmh (15.5 mph) but not exceeding 45 kmh (28 mph)
Anyone passing an AM test will also be given a new domestic category Q licence to cover them for riding machines below 25kmh
Minimum Test vehicle
2 wheeled vehicle not exceeding 50cc
 Speed not more than 45kmh (28 mph)

Category A1
     Up to 125cc/11kW (15 bhp) power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.1kW/kg.
Minimum 17 years old

Minimum Test Vehicle

    Motorcycle with a cubic capacity of at least 115cm3, capable of at least 90kmh (56mph)

Category A2
    Motorcycles  of a power not exceeding 35kW (47 bhp) and with a power/weight ratio  not exceeding 35kW (47 bhp) and with a power.weight ratio not exceeding  0.2 kW/kg and not derived from a vehicle more than double its power.(original bike before restricting has to be below 70kw [95bhp].)
Minimum 19 years old.
Minimum Test Vehicle
Motorcycle without sidecar, with a cylinder capacity of at least 395cm3 and an engine power of at least 25kW (34 bhp). Therefore upper limit is capped by licence restriction at 35kW/47 bhp

Category A
Any size motorcycle above 595cc  with a power output of at least 40kw or (53.6bhp) with or without sidecar.
Minimum 24 years old,( unless upgrade from full A2 licence, with minimum 2 years experience)

Minimum Test Vehicle

Motorcycle without a sidecar with a cylinder capacity of at least 40kW (54bhp)