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CBT is your route to getting mobile on L plates. It’s a legal requirement, and aims to give you enough skill and knowledge to ride safely on the roads.

It’s our responsibility to ensure you’re up to standard before you venture on the road, and you can be sure we won’t cut corners that affect your safety.


  • A provisional licence.
  • Minimum age 16 (moped) or 17 (motorcycle).

Our Driving Standards Agency approved CBT course will guide you through safety equipment, clothing and basic machine maintenance before proceeding to our off-road training area where a DSA approved instructor will familiarise you with riding techniques

Following a road safety briefing you will be escorted by your instructor on a road ride for a minimum of two hours. Provided you reach a safe and proficient standard of riding, you will receive a DL196 CBT certificate.

CBT is usually a one-day course, however our commitment to training means the course is tailored to suit your ability and will be extended at reasonable cost if you are unable to reach the required standard on the first day.

So what is cbt?

Cbt stands for Compulsory Basic Training, it is as it says, a compulsory basic training course designed to teach a novice how to ride a bike or scooter safely on the roads. Cbt is a training course and not a test and can be taken on either a scooter or a motorcycle between 50 and 125cc.  The cbt course takes a day to pass and once a cbt test has been completed it will allow you to ride a bike or scooter on learner plates for up to 2 years, after this you would need to either: Pass your full bike test or renew your cbt certificate for a further 2 years.

So what’s involved?

Our  CBT course starts at 08.50

The CBT course is split into  5 Modules which must to be completed in order and the student fully understands and can practice which are:

Element A:  Explaining the aims of the course and the importance of wearing the correct bike equipment and clothing.

Element B: Controls ,basic machine checks, wheeling the machine left and right, using the stands

Element C: Practical on site bike and scooter riding skills carried out in a safe of road environment.

Element D: Road briefing and safety talk.

Element E: Minimum of 2 hours of on road instruction.

Once all the CBT elements have been safely passed a Compulsory Basic Training certificate or form DL196 can be issued by your instructor.

What does a cbt certificate allow me to do?

At 16 you can take a CBT training course and then ride a 50cc scooter, at 17 and older the CBT certificate would allow you to ride a scooter or bike up to 125cc on learner plates for 2 years.

If you want to take a full bike or scooter test you need to have a valid CBT certificate.

How much does a cbt course cost?

If you have never ridden a bike before a CBT course costs from £120, if you have already passed the compulsory basic training course and are coming to the end of the two year period ,best bet give us a call and get your full motorcycle test completed and you will never have to do a CBT again. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Areas Covered by both B3, C.White Bike Training and our sister company Maidstone Motorcycle Training Ltd

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