DAS (Direct Access) Training 595cc + from £505

Direct Access is your fast track to full power machinery.

 All training carried out over whole days not short four or five hour sessions

Here at B3, C.White Bike Training we take very seriously the real concerns that new riders have about riding powerful bikes, and we promise you that your DAS course will be in the hands of highly experienced and well-trained instructors.

When you come to B3, C.White Bike Training we don’t just teach you to pass the test by riding round and round the test routes. Instead, your training will also cover the full range of riding situations you might encounter after you pass your test and are riding your own bike. We’ll look at open road and country lane riding as well as town centre traffic.

All 2 and 3 day DAS courses will be carried out totally on 600cc machines and possibly the 4 day course as well depending on the experience and ability of the student on a strict 2 to 1 instructor policy, none of this keeping you on 125cc bikes until the day before your test, or only having half a days training for same amount of money, so with us you get the maximum amount of time riding the 600cc bikes as possible and therefore more likely to pass.

In the longer courses we recommend for Direct Access, you’ll not only cover the basic skills necessary such as slow control and emergency braking necessary to pass the test, you’ll also learn good machine control techniques necessary to ride your own bike well out of town, including such vital areas as cornering, braking and throttle control.


  • You will require CBT and theory test pass certificates,
  • Provisional licence
  • Minimum age 24
  • Category A
    Any size motorcycle above 595cc  with a power output of at least 40kw or (53.6bhp) with or without sidecar. Minimum 24 years old,( unless upgrade from full A2 licence, with minimum 2 years experience)

    Minimum Test Vehicle

    Motorcycle without a sidecar with a cylinder capacity of at least 40kW (54bhp)

As soon as your ability permits, training and the test will take place on a machine of over 54bhp (40kW) your DSA approved instructor will show you how to develop your big bike handling skills before taking your test after passing the test, you can remove your L plates, carry a pillion passenger and ride any bike with no power restrictions we offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 day courses to suit your experience