We run really intensive CBT training days that are never rushed and go into more detail than actually required to meet regulations

We do our best to make you better than you need to be on your CBT to carry on and pass your bike test and will assess your riding letting you know how many days training would be needed

On the CBT you will do the required two hour road ride, and we will only issue if we consider you are safe enough to be a learner

We recommend you separate both tests  (the module one and module two) so you do not risk losing the module two test fee and paying for an extra days training unlike most other schools in this area

Are we the cheapest , probably not, but what price can you put on your own safety, as we have an exceptionally high pass rate of over 90%, and at one of the test centres we regularly go to our pass rate was 100% for eight months in 2015

All of our bikes are regularly maintained and checked over

On all of our DAS/ Restricted courses the test will be carried out on the bike you train on, so you will be familiar with the bike

Quality Direct access/ restricted access 600/650cc bikes with ABS

We only train over whole days . Normally 9am till 4.30 unlike most other schools who run four hour sessions for the same amount as our day rate

Pass rate of over 90%

A quote from one of our local examiners

 * I cannot remember the last time one of your students failed *

another reason to remember the cheapest is not always the best,  you only get what you pay for in life

Past students comments

Anthony hall    

Passed with this school, would highly recommend. I came down from London, as Kent just nicer and not as hectic. I learned a lot and will safer and a better rider for it (most of the time!). Thanks very much…

David Musker

Big thanks Chris, feeling great about passing Mod 2 first time. It must have been quite a job to correct my 30 years of bad car and moped habits.
Chris Broad — 5 star Thanks Chris for all the training and getting me through both my mod 1 and mod 2 first time! Excellent tuition, top bikes and equipment, sterling service and great banter! Would highly recommend to anyone considering getting their bike licence in Kent. Now it’s time to do some bike shopping 🙂

 CBT costs only £120

All of our das instructors have been training students for over 18 years and almost all of your training to pass your motorcycle test would be carried out by the same instructor,
so very consistent training