Discover the B3 , C.White Bike Training method

We Guarantee

  • On all 2,3 and 4 day courses – that all your training after CBT will be on either a  650cc A2 RESTRICTED  machine or 600cc+ CAT A machine giving you plenty of time to get used to the size and weight of the bigger bike before your test. We don’t keep you on the smaller 125 till the last moment just to save money.
  • A full days training unlike other local schools that only run short four hour sessions Good for profits not for quality motorcyclists
  • with time for off-road practice, classroom lessons on aspects of riding and the test itself, structured training to learn new skills progressively, and plenty of time on the road to learn the ropes. We don’t keep you riding in circles to fill out time but as you’ve paid for a day’s training, we give you a day’s training!
  • Our instructors run only one course a day so there is plenty of time for personal attention.
  • Strictly 2:1 on road training on all courses means plenty of personal attention and close supervision for novice riders.
  • We don’t run at the 4:1 on-road ratios that are good for the accounts but bad for safety and for the pass rates

Here at B3, C,White Bike Training we believe you get what you pay for and as such get excellent value for money.

B3 Rider Training and C.White Motorcycle Training offer the best information when choosing your course:

  • A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page to get you started.
  • A helpline to answer your questions,  (with an answerphone for the rare occasions we can’t take your call).
  • Full support by telephone and email when you are booking.
  • An assessment for those considering DAS training.

B3 Rider Training and C.White Bike Training offer the best in rider training:

  • Compulsory Basic Training for novice riders with well maintained automatic scooters and geared 125s with patient and highly experienced instructors.
  • Restricted Access Training for under 21′s on new model Yamaha fuel injected YBR  125s.
  • Direct Access Training with some of the most experienced DAS instructors in the country.
  • Strictly 2:1 ratio during ALL on road training.

B3 Rider Training and C.White Motorcycle Training offer the best in equipment:

  • Well maintained, late model training motorcycles.
  • A lowered Suzuki Gladius 650 to meet everyones needs.
  • Almost new safety Helmets
  • Waterproofs and gloves
  • We also have a range of sizes of motorcycle jackets that can be loaned out although if unusual size it may be best to bring your own
  • Two, three, four and five day training courses to suit riders of all abilities.

B3 Rider Training and C.White Bike Training offer the best post-test experience

  • Refresher courses which we run for the novice rider or who has not ridden a motorbike for a while
  • A full range of post test training courses with a BTEC qualified instructor, suitable for full licence holders.
  • Rider club and recreational rides – the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve passed.

With B3, C.White Bike Training you’ll remember your course for all the right reasons.