Racing Games

Google Play has a vast catalog of games, whether free or paid, with which we can spend hours and hours of fun. No matter what kind of games you like, in the App Store, you can find the one that attracts you most, and, to speed up the search, you can choose the category you like best.

One of the most popular types of games is car racing, and even there is a great variety to cover most possible tastes. On the list, we will leave you below. You have a selection of nine of the best car racing games you can find on Google Play.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

A classic among the classics on Android, Asphalt 8, is one of the best solutions if what you like is the speed, the supercars, and wrecking rival cars. New models, as well as different locations and circuits, are added from time to time so that you never tire of Burning Wheel.

  1. Real Racing 3

Another great classic, this time developed by Electronic Arts, where we will have all kinds of cars at our disposal. Unlike Asphalt 8, in Real Racing 3, we are much closer to a racing simulator. It’s one of the great proposals if you’re looking for relatively realistic car racing.

  1. Hot Wheels: Race Off

We put aside the conventional races where you have to face several cars one at a time. Your mission at Hot Wheels is to try to get to the finish by controlling the inclination of the car so as not to overturn. Of course, apart from accidents, you’ll have to fight gasoline and a rival. You can buy upgrades to get to meta more easily.

  1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Another of the great sagas of car racing games is Need for Speed and, although this title. That for, it is worth scratching your pocket a bit. In Need for Speed: Most Wanted You will have to beat other drivers while you avoid getting caught by the police, and for that, you will have the best cars you can buy.

  1. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

GT Racing 2 is the successor to the game that was born in response to the” threat ” of The Real Racing saga. On this occasion, as in its rival Real Racing 3, we are faced with a title that is closer to a car racing simulator than to an Asphalt style.

CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game, that is, two cars run in a horizontal scroll and your mission is to get out at the right time and make the Gear Change in time to leave your opponent behind. You can compete with your friends or people from all over the world to see who gets to the finish line first.

  1. Nitro Nation Drag Racing

Nitro Nation Drag racing is another drag-type game in which you can modify your car to do your best or buy another when the one you have is too slow. You can drive cars like a McLaren or Chevrolet Camaro-style Muscle Cars.

  1. Asphalt Xtreme

If we first made mention of Asphalt 8, we could not set aside Asphalt Xtreme, Gameloft’s newest title in terms of car racing is concerned. With a slight evolution in Gameplay, this time, we will have at our disposal all kinds of land vehicles to run in scenarios very different from those of its predecessor.