Motorcycle Types

Choosing your first bike is not easy, especially if you want to do well and hit the first one. It is not enough to choose the prettiest, or the cheapest, or the one that a relative lends you, in either case, it may fit your needs or not, and if it does not, it may be a mistake to regret in your future life as a biker.

When choosing your first bike it is important to make sure that it will be a successful decision, that it will be a bike that you will enjoy and that you will feel like following on two wheels for a long time. A bad experience when you’re starting out can take your motorcycle craving off at a stroke, and that’s something you can avoid if you choose the right bike to start and take into account our bike safety tips.

If you are determined to start with this motorcycle business, we recommend that you stop and think about each of the following factors, which will make it easier for you to make your decision.

The first question: a scooter or a motorcycle?

This is undoubtedly the first of the great doubts that can arise for you. If it’s your first time on two wheels and you’ve never driven a motorcycle, the most sensible thing to do would be to choose a scooter. They are easier to drive, if you have to pay attention to balance and move safely, a scooter will make it easier for you to work because you will only have to think about speeding and braking since the transmission is automatic and there are no gears.

On a motorcycle, however small, you will have to add to all the above the handling of the clutch and the Gear Change, and if you don’t want to get complicated maybe it is something you want to do without for the moment. That is if you are clear that what you want is to give way to a major bike as soon as possible, and you want to learn properly from the beginning, then a bike where you get the hang of changing gears might do you good. But if you don’t, start with a scooter, learn to move freely, and you can jump into something more complicated later. In addition, a scooter is always more convenient to move around town.

The very important height of the seat

When choosing the height of the bike seat it is very important. And not just the height of the seat of your future bike, but whether or not you get to the ground. Can a bike have the seat low but it is very wide, which will have to open your legs very wide to sit on him. That will make you lose centimeters when reaching the ground, so don’t be satisfied with just watching what you put in your technical file.

When you go to see a bike that you like the first thing to do is get on it standing up and check if once you sit on it you put your feet right on the ground. Getting to the ground comfortably makes the difference between being confident about the bike or not, and that may depend on your learning. In motion, it is easier to maintain balance, but when we stand it is our feet that will keep us from going sideways. Having the confidence that the bike will not fall because we hold it well with our legs is essential to move freely.

Take into account the weight of the bike

The weight of your future bike is something you should also keep in mind. If you want to choose moto for the first time, make sure that it is a light bike, that it does not cost you to keep it upright when you are on it. A bike that weighs too much will also prevent you from moving it standing easily, even if you move it from the ground, and it will make it difficult for you to maneuver at low speed.

With a light bike, everything will be easier for you, you will get less tired and it will give you less laziness to have to move it from one side to the other. If the bike is heavy and you don’t get to the ground well we assure you it will be an ago bio every time you have to stop the March.

A motorcycle where you’re going to take a passenger or not

If you think that on your future bike you will bring passengers regularly it is convenient that you think a little about it too. If so, look at what the passenger seat looks like, whether it’s comfortable or not, whether it has handles or not, or whether it’s too high or not.

It is also important to look at whether the passenger can get into his or her seat easily or not, and whether he or she has independent straps for him or her. Many scooters simply provide you with a small platform and folding strips are often much more comfortable.

Are you going to need a bike with load capacity?

This is something you should also take into account. If you know that you are going to use your bike on a day-to-day basis and that you have to carry a backpack or briefcase with you, you will see that on motorcycles the carrying capacity is usually limited. In that case, you might find it interesting to choose a scooter with a nice hole under the seat.

If you want a bike, make sure it’s easy to mount a back trunk where you can carry your stuff. On a motorcycle, it is not advisable to carry a backpack in which you carry hard objects, think that they can hurt you and cause serious injuries in case of departure, so if the luggage can be carried on the bike, and not on you, better than better.

A new or used motorcycle

It’s one of the big decisions you have to make when you go buy a motorcycle. If you are looking for a particular model, but the economy doesn’t give you to make it new, then you can try your luck to look for your future bike in the second-hand market.

If your intention is to look for a bike to take the first steps on two wheels, gain some experience and then pass to a major, then buying a used bike can come out on an account. But you’re going to make a longer-term investment, and your premium the official guarantee that manufacturers give, then you might be more interested in buying it new.

A 125 or A2 motorbike

Another crucial issue. Having a car card and more than three years of experience with it can make it very easy to access a 125 motorcycle or scooter, and maybe it would be a very good way to start and try if you like this two-wheel thing. Another thing is that you make a firm bet, or you don’t have a car card but you do have more than 18 years, and you want to make your entrance directly with a motorbike A2.

In that case, if it is going to be your first bike, it is more advisable that it is a motorbike A2 that does not need to be limited, but because of its characteristics, you can enjoy it as it is. This will make sure you have a custom-made bike, and not an adaptation, in which weight, power, and handling are usually better balanced.